29 December 2013

Vintage Roses

So I was all geared up to try something new tonight, turquoise nails. I was going to be a little different and use the technique on the purple that I had just swatched. But since the water marble section didn't want to play, I gave up and decided to try something else instead.

I settled on vintage roses in the end. I've attempted these a couple of times in the past but have always decided that they don't look right halfway through and never actually finished them. I did a quick google search to see if there were any easy tutorials for me to follow. I finally settled on this one. I was very easy for me to follow with big pictures and detailed descriptions of what the author did. 

I started by doing two coats of Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens on most of my fingers with Nails Inc Porchester Square as an accent nail. I then applied a coat of HK Girl top coat to make sure that my nails were dry before I started striping.

I then used striping tape on my ring fingers to make a pinstripe effect. (Sorry, the flash caught the shine on the tape slightly)

A few months ago, I spotted a post about how to apply polish over striping tape. I used this method (sorry I can't remember who posted) and sponged two coats of Nails Inc Victoria. The sponging gives better coverage and also helps to stop any bleeding that you would get under the tape as there is no excess polish. I then peeled the tape off slowly after the second layer had dried.

I the used the tutorial to make the roses and have listed the colours used below.


Nails Inc St - James's for the base
Seventeen - Love for first accent
Nails Inc - Chearing Cross Road for the second accent


Barry M - Watermelon
Barry M - Spring Green 

I topped it all off with another coat of HK girl top coat and the finished product is below.

I like these nails very much! I've never finished vintage roses before, but I think I'll be trying them in different colours! These will look lovely in spring with my other pastel colours.

Thanks for reading!

Swatch from my China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection

Sorry I've not posted for a while, been slightly busy and also haven't kept a design on for more than a day for a while. I did however get a massive haul at Christmas which I'm slowly making my way through.

I was lucky to get the whole Cirque du Soleil collection by China Glaze. I must say that I love all of the colours and have already used a few. 

Today I decided to try Creative Fantasy which looks like a lovely bright purple in the bottle. However, I'm not sure I like it yet. I went to apply as usual on top of my base coat but found it to be very watery. Even after my usual two coats I could still see my nail through the colour. Considering how dark the colour is, this is quite strange to me. The below picture shows two coats.

This picture shows three coats. Slightly better but still a little streaky for my liking. It would probably take 4 coats to get the same coverage that the other colours give in two. I wonder if this is just a one off and there's something wrong with just this colour. I'll try it again in a few days over a white base and see if it gives better coverage, but at the minute I'm not too impressed. 

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

8 December 2013

My first bottle of Nicole by OPI

I went shopping last weekend with my mum and spotted some of the Nicole by OPI range in TK Maxx. I've never bought any of these before as they're a little expensive and I can get dupes of a lot of the colours for less elsewhere. But these were half price and this colour was so beautiful I couldn't resist.

This was the first one I picked up and I was torn between a few other colours. I decided to be good and stick with my original choice and go back for more if I like the quality rather than buy lots and not like them. 

The colour i settle on is Back to Reality.....TV. This is a gorgeous pale-ish purple but it has gorgeous tiny pieces of glitter that make your nails shimmer in the light. I couldn't quite capture this in a photo so I've added a little video at the bottom to show off the sparkle a little. This is two coats.

I'm now incapable of wearing just a plain colour anymore, so I jazzed it up a little. I used some tiny blue stars and gold hearts that I got from the She Sells SeaShells website. This is a UK based online shop that sells tiny cute little charms and things for your nails. I decided just to get a wheel of stars and some hearts for now to see what the quality was like first (Something I have recently learnt to do). I'll have to see how the hearts wear as they're a little larger than I thought they would be and they're also hollow so I may have to fill them first in future. 

Overall, I love this colour and think this will get worn a lot! This is another one that I think I will have to add to my Christmas list, along with a new bottle of top coat!

Thanks for reading!

Nails Inc Malibu Collection

I've been lurking on Ebay this last week looking for good deals. I spotted this set of 3, that was brand new and I won the auction for just £7. I've recently discovered Nails Inc and so far I really  like them! They usually do beautiful bright colours and they apply brilliantly!

This is how the set arrived. 

This is the first colour I tried which is called Malibu Mojito. Two coats gives full coverage and it's a beautiful bright blue/green. This is probably my favourite out of the three and I can see me wearing this quite often.

This is Malibu Cosmo. Two coats (excuse the mess) and it a gorgeous bright purple. Again, I can see myself wearing this a lot and it's my second favourite from the trio. 

The last of the three is Maliblush. This is two coats and is probably my least favourite. It's a bright coral/orange that's almost neon. This is maybe a little too bright for me, although that might be because I don't wear orange very often and favour the blues and purples instead. 

I like all of these colours and would definately wear them all! I think I shall be adding some Nails Inc to my Christmas list as I'm very impressed so far.

Thanks for reading!

My First Essie

Ok, so I spend most of my free time scrolling through all the beautiful manicures on the RedditLaqueristas subreddit on the wonderful Reddit website =). Most of the ladies on there are from America and lots of them love the Essie brand. Having never tried it, I was curious to see why so I went on ebay and found myself a cheap bottle to try. 

The colour I chose is Stylenomics as it looked like a lovely dark Christmassy green in the photos. Below is the bottle.

So, below shows two coats of this colour (I couldn't bring myself to remove the tree from my previous design). It gives complete coverage and if you do thick coats you could maybe get away with just one coat of this. It was a little too close to black for my liking though so I added a coat of the Barry M aqua glitter over the top to lighten it up a little. 

I probably wouldn't wear this colour on it's own as I usually go for brighter colours. But I really like it when I team it up with the glitter.

Thanks for reading!

Christmas Mash Up

There will be a few posts tonight since I've been rather busy this last week and haven't had a chance to post all my lovely nails. This one is probably my favourite.

A few weeks ago I put in an order at Born Pretty Store and it finally arrived! I was so excited and now I have lots of lovely new things to play with!

I did a base of BK Matt White on my ring and finger and painted the rest with Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream. I then used my new stamping plate from Born Pretty and stamped the snow man design over the blue using the Matt White.

For the two white nails I used hex glitters from this set to make the Christmas tree and just used plain white (even though it shows purple here) on my index. 

I don't quite think the below picture did this design justice. It's one of my favourites so far and the hex glitters last surprisingly well!

If you would like to order any items from Born Pretty then you can use code GPL91 to get 10% off full price items!

Thanks for reading!

1 December 2013

New NYC and Miss Sporty polishes

Ok, so I know this is a little late, but here are the last three polishes from my Superdrug haul last week. I love the first two colours but I'm not sure on the last one.

First up we have NYC - Blue Sky. I agree with most reviews on this in that it is most definitely green not blue. It's a beautiful mint green and gives complete coverage in just two coats. It also dries quicker than a lot of polishes so would be great if you were in a rush!

Next up we have Grape from the Miss Sporty Clubbing colours range. It's a gorgeous mid purple and is actually a shade that I don't have! This again is just two coats for complete coverage. I've never used these before but I must say, I do love the brush. It's a lovely wide brush that covers my whole nail in just one sweep!

Lastly we have Aurora Borealis from the Miss Sporty Metal Head range. In the bottle this is a beautiful shimmery green that changes to purple dependent on the light. This was different when I applied it to my nails. The below pictures show two coats, though this one could probably do with a coat of white underneath as I can still see my nails through. It also doesn't appear to change colour like it does in the bottle. No matter how I moved my hands it just showed purple. This is my least favourite out of the three.  

I love both the green and the mid purple, but I'm really not keen on the last shade. I think I'll have to try it with white underneath to see if that shows the colours any better.

Thanks for reading!