29 December 2014

Glam Polish: An Epic Journey

After putting off buying more polish for a few months, I caved in the Black Friday sales and put in another order with Harlow&Co. I picked up two more polishes from the Epic Journey collection (by Glam Polish) and also two more bottle of Rica Glossy Glam top coat. It's a shame the none of the indie stores in the UK sells this top coat because it's my favourite and I have to keep waiting until I put in an order at H&C. 

Fangorn Forrest - This is a gorgeous deep green with lots of flaky shimmer. It's incredibly shiny and the formula is perfect. It's not too thick or thin and this picture shows two coats. 

Helms Deep - A deep purple with blue flakies. I wasn't sure if I would like this, but as soon as I put it on I loved it! It's very shimmery and shiny (may be dangerous when driving) and oh so pretty. This is two coats.

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27 December 2014

Christmas Snowflakes

I couldn't decide what to do for my Christmas nails so I went with classic red and silver and didn't think that it was worth blogging about them. But, I used my new goodies on boxing day to create a rather pretty snowflake look. This was inspired by a look that Sammy at The Nailasaurus did earlier this week. I don't have her brush skills though due to shaky hands =(.

Colours used:
Grey base: OPI - Skull and Glossbones
Purple - ColorClub - Eternal Flame
Dark Grey: China Glaze - Out Like A Light.

I started by painting my middle two fingers and thumb with Skull and Glossbones and my remaining fingers with Eternal Flame (my new favourite holo courtesy of my lovely boyfriend). Once these were dry, I used a striping brush with Eternal Flame and Out Like a Light to create my snowflakes.

Here is the finished look! You'll have to excuse the oval on each nail, I got a ring LED light for Christmas and I'm still trying to figure out the best setting.  

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14 December 2014

New Brand : BellaLuna Cosmetics

Everyone knows that I love trying new nail polish brands, especially when they're Indie Stores. I find that at the minute, Indie can offer me far better colours than mainstream brands.

I decided to try BellaLuna and I think this store is definitely a winner! The formula on all of these is fantastic and the store owner is lovely and has great customer service which I find the be very important. I pickeed five colours and think that I'll be going back for all the others because these are so fantastic.

Sugar Plum Fairy - This is quite possibly the most beautiful purple polish that I have ever seen. It's a lovely deep purple with lots of micro glitter particles that shine all different colours in the light! the formula is fantastic on this one. It's a jelly base so you have amazing depth to the colour, but it also has great opacity! This phot has been taken with two coats of colour and one coat of Rica Glossy Glam top coat. 

Starry Night - A gorgeous dark blue with lots and lots of micro glitter again. The formula on this is the same as on Sugar Plum fairy and I love it! I could not stop staring at my nails while I was photographing these. My index and ring fingers have a coat of Glossy Glam top coat and I have left my middle and little fingers without top coat so that you can see the difference. This dries a little grainy, possible due to all the glitter, but top coat completely fixes it. 

Santa Baby - My camera had a little trouble focusing on this one! This one is a beautiful deep red jelly polish that also has small glitter pieces. The colour on this is stunning! I wore this to work earlier in the week and had lots and lots of people asking where I had got this from. The wear on this was also fantastic. I had it on for two days at work (where I type heavily), I tidied, cleaned, decorated the Christmas tree and had a bath..... and I only had one chip at the end of it all. That is a miracle for me as I usually can't go one day without some form of chip so I was very impressed. 

This photo has three coats of Santa Baby and one coat of Glossy Glam. 

Belle of the Ball - This is what I could call a Christmas tree green with bronze glitter pieces in it. Again, my camera got freaked out by the glitter. The colour on this one is very festive and Belle of the Ball is my boyfriends favourite out of all the ones I bought. This is two coats with one coat of Glossy Glam.

Snowdrift - A flaky topper that is perfect over any colour. Again, due to having to take these photos when it's dark outside (stupid UK winter), my camera couldn't quite pick up the sparkle.

I put Snowdrift over half my nail and the other half is the base colour. I did this so that you can see the difference it makes. This colour is so sparkly and pretty, when put over white it looks like sparkling snow. 

BellaLuna Cosmetics is fantastic in my opinion. Any shop that sells polish that has great formula and has amazing customer service skills will surely be winner for anyone so go buy some! She even ships to the UK and her rates are very reasonable! I ordered my polishes on 28th November, they shipped on 2nd December and they were delivered to me in the UK on 9th December.

Once my new lenses for my camera arrive, I will take some macro shots of these beauties and put them up on my Instagram page. 

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