1 December 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick Review

recently took a trip to Manchester with the lovely Sam from The Nail And Beauty Files (Instagram here) . I was going to post what I bought in a haul post, but I thought it would be better to split it into separate posts. So I'm going to do mini reviews on each item that I bought. 

I'm going to start off with the Iconic Pro Lipstick in Propaganda Matte. First of all, this lipstick is absolute gorgeous! The bullet is black and rose gold with a little plastic window on the bottom that allows you to see what colour the lipstick is. It also comes in its own box which  is very impressive for a £2.50 lipstick. 

The lipstick itself is a beautiful red shade that doesn't run too blue (I prefer orange toned reds to blue toned ones). It's creamy on first application and wears incredibly well - I got about 4 hours wear time before I needed to top it up and that's with lots of cups of tea and snacking. After a couple of hours my lips did get a little dry but that's to be expected from a matte lipstick and it does settle in my lip lines a little. 

Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro Propaganda Matte

Overall I really like this lipstick and I'll be picking up some of the other shades in the future! 

Are there any shades I should pick up? 

3 November 2015

Blackbird Mattes Vol 1 and 2 the review!

I recently rediscovered my love for Indie eyeshadows and I realised that I didn't have any matte shades. Most brands tend to do very shimmery and glittery eyeshadows (which I'm not complaining about at all... I love glitter!) but I sometimes miss having a matte shade in my crease. 

A brand that I've had my eye on for a while is Blackbird Cosmetics and when she put the sample sets on sale, I grabbed them! Unfortunately, she doesn't offer the sample sets anymore. But you get to pick two samples per order (or you can just pick samples and pay shipping) and she will also add two samples of her choosing. As long as I've remembered that correctly, that means you can get 4 free samples per order which is amazing! She also does pressed pans of her shadows which sound amazing! I make such a mess with the loose shadows sometimes.

I ordered these on 20th Oct, they shipped early in the morning on 21st Oct and they arrived in my grubby little mitts on 29th Oct. To say that these came from the US, that's pretty amazing! That's quicker than I can receive some orders from UK companies!

On to the goods! Warning, this is a very picture heavy post! Each set of samples came in a little handmade (I think) envelope with stickers sealing them shut which also had the collection name on them. I also had another envelope with a thank you sticker that had a couple of extra samples.

I'll show you the samples first. The little envelope had a business card (to add to my collection) along with a sample of the Kitten Kiss blush (lovely colour for me) and a sample of the Magic Trick Super powder in green (to be used over red areas)

Here is the first set of mattes! This is a lovely collection and I love all of them! The only one that I'm a little unsure of is Fiction but I think that's just because it's grey. I'm not sure of all the undertones in these shades but they're all lovely and (fairly) neutral. I think the shades that I've won the most from this collection are Fire Pledge, Beau and Dim Tradition.

  L to R Imogen, Immortals, Thirteen, Dim Tradition

L to R Dog Days, Fiction, Beau, Fire Pledge

L to R Lucid, Gravity

And here is Vol 2! This collection again has fairly neutral colours but a couple of them are slightly bolder than the other collection. Again, I'm not sure of all the undertones so you're best checking her website for those. My most worn so far from this collection are Atlas, Smudge and Ruca.

L to R Juliet, Everest, Modesty, Half full

L to R Whisper, Atlas, Figment, Smudge

L to R Ruca, Vintage

And here is my face with some of the shadows and also the blush sample. I have no idea why my skin looks a strange shade in these photos. 

Base - Half Full
Crease - Fire Pledge
Outer V and crease - Beau
Inner corner - Half Full
Lashline - Lucid

And a lovely shot of my eyes closed!

Overall, I love these shadows so much! They're smooth and buttery and really pigmented too! 

Have any of you tried this brand?

14 October 2015

The Melt Cowd October 2015

I had somehow completely forgotten that I'd subscribed to the Melt Crowd, but this amazing box turned up last weekend and I'm really impressed!

For those of you that don't know, the Melt Crowd is a monthly subscription box available from Flamingo Candles. Each month you will receive 8 full size wax melts for £10 including postage. You even get a wax warmer with your first box free so that you don't have to try and find one yourself.

This month, £2 from each box is going to Pink Ribbon as it's breast cancer awareness month. I wasn't aware of this until I opened the box, but I think that this is an absolutely amazing idea! I love buying products where part of the cost goes to a charity (my way of justifying buying all the things!).

These are all the lovely melts that I received this month!

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd

The scents that came through this month are Pomegranate & White Fig, Nutmeg & Ginger, Applecurrant Crumble, Pink Ribbon, Bubblegum, Cranberry Orange & Cinnamon, Golden Woodlands and Thunderstorm.

There wasn't a single one of these melts that I didn't love the scent of! I'm so used to just buying everything cinnamon that it was actually really nice to have lots of other scents that I like too. There's also a pink ribbon melt that is available on the website along with a candle version and 20% of the sales goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. It's a really lovely scent so I recommend you go and grab one!

Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd

Also, as it was my third month, I also got a little extra package of Scent Eggs. These are mini melts that you can mix and match to make your own fragrance (usually available in jars). I got strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate which is perfect for me!

Look how cute Florrie is on these!

4 October 2015

The Accidental Haul

I had to go to town with my mum and sister (mum is making us jumpers so we had to go and pick out our wool) and as usual, I ended up in Boots and Superdrug. But for once I was actually really good and barely bought anything.

This is my tiny Superdrug haul (plus some e45 for Dave and some Roses Barrels and Malteser reindeer for me). I picked up the MUA cream blush in Blossom which is a gorgeous and subtle blush. I also picked up a liner in Berry Wine. Admittedly, I picked up this liner because I thought it was a lip liner for under my purple lipsticks but it's actually an eyeliner. It's a good job I love coloured liner so it's going to get used anyway :).

Next I went into Boots and the first thing I spotted was that there was a 2 for £7 offer on all the Barry M nail and lip products. There were a few new things that I hadn't tried yet so I grabbed the new Sunset polish in Vengence is Wine and the Matte Me Lip in shade 3 (I've had this on for about 30 mins and it's really comfortable to wear). I also grabbed a Natural Collection lip liner in Mulberry and I also picked up a tube of their Shineaway Foundation to try (it was £1.99 so it's worth it).

Here are swatches of all the makeup bits! L to R MUA Blossom, MUA Berry Wine, Natural Collection Mulberry, Barry M shade 3.

After we'd been and bought our wool (and makeup) we ended up in a local garden centre because my mum wanted to have a nosey round. As usual, me and my sister headed straight for the candle/bath section as soon as we spotted it.

My sister spotted this fantastic offer and I don't know if this is specific to our garden centre. But Bomb Cosmetics had loads of little wax melts and you could fill the box below as full as you liked and you only paid  £6.99! I thought this offer was fantastic and just couldn't resist so filled the box up as full as I could get it!

As you can see, you can fit quite a few in there and they're tiny so you can mix and match scents! There was also a little book that gave you mix ideas for using them.

I couldn't resist these two bath bombs as I've never tried any from Bomb Cosmetics but a few friends have raved about them. I grabbed the Kickerbocker Glory Woopie Pie (£2.00) and the Fresh Berry bath bomb (£2.49).

They very dangerously put a Yankee Candle section right next to the til so I just had to grab a couple! I grabbed the Fireside Treats Melt because I'm sure I've seen this on Youtube and also a Cinnamon Stick votive candle because this is my favourite one.

Let me know in the comments if you want any reviews on the things that I grabbed yesterday!

26 September 2015

Busy Bee Candle Haul

I've been eyeing up Busy Bee Candles for a while and drooling over their gorgeous Magik Beanz. This payday, I took the plunge and finally ordered some! I may or may not have been in a Christmassy mood when I ordered so half of this are Christmas themed (totally fine by me!)

Magik Beanz are basically mini wax melts which means you can just burn a few instead of a whole tart. This is a massive bonus for me as I tend to get bored of scents and I love to swap and change. Because they're so small, you can also mix and match the scents to make your own! You only need to use 2 or 3 of these to get a really strong and lovely scent. 

First up, we'll do the non Christmas scents.

Magical Autumn - From the website "Top notes of apple and lemon sit above spices of ginger, star anise and cinnamon with a deep base of woods, musk & vanilla." This one smells lovely! I can really smell the lemon coming through which makes this a really fresh scents and I can also smell the musk coming through. I think that this one will be a downstairs scent (Dave seems to think only fresh smells should go downstairs - I disagree).

Vanilla Dream - From the website "A beautiful subtle fragrance of vanilla.Just like popping the lid on your favourite luxury vanilla ice cream." I didn't actually purchase this one, it came as an extra which I thought was really lovely. This smells like really sweet vanilla. The only downside to this one is that it's quite a strong scent (or at least it is to me) so it may get a little sickly if you put too many beans in your burner. Then again they are the hot shot ones which are stronger than the  normal Magik Beanz.

Key Lime Pie - From the website "A gorgeous fragrance of fresh baked Key Lime Pie. Zesty lime with crumbly pastry and sweet top notes." This one smells really strongly of lime (obviously) but there's also a sweetness to it that I can't quite put my finger on. Again, this is quite a clean scent so this is one that I'll be allowed to burn downstairs. 

Cinnamon Buns - From the website "A bakery in your living room? Cinnamon with pastry undertones. A fabulous, delicious fragrance." This one smells exactly how you'd expect it to - like cinnamon and icing basically and I love it!

Strudel & Spice - From the website "Apple, cinnamon and pastry with the sweetness of currants. Need we say more." No, you don't need to say any more! This smells just like an apple strudel that's fresh out of the oven!

Now for the Christmas scents! (I love Christmas and I love cinnamon so you will see a theme here)

Ginger Christmas - From the website "Do you love the scent of freshly baked Gingerbread? Well this one is for you. Simply amazing. Begins with with top notes of orange, lemon zest and bergamot followed by middle notes of ginger root, nutmeg, honey, and clove Rounded off with creamy base notes of vanilla bean and cocoa." I love the smell of this one and I keep opening the pot up just to have another sniff. This smells just like gingerbread with a slight citrus twist - I think I'm going to need to buy more of these!

Christmas Comfort - From the website "A fabulous Christmas scent. All the comfort of the festive season in one stunning fragrance! Citrus top notes of orange, lemon and grapefruit above cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. A creamy base note of buttercream & vanilla. Scrumptious!" This is one of my favourites, I can smell all of the spices plus the vanilla and it just smells yummy!

Merry Christmas - From the website "Merry Christmas! A cheerful seasonal scent blended to make you smile. Make your home a merry place to be this Christmas." This one smells fruity and there's no cinnamon or ginger in it which is unusual for a festive scent but I really like it! I can't quite place the scent but it's really familiar and this is another one for downstairs I think.

Mince Pies - From the website "A wonderful freshly-baked mince pie aroma with sweet currants, spices and a light fluffy pie crust." These do smell like mince pies but also not at the same time if that makes any sense? I think there needs to be a little more of the pastry smell in these as to me, they smell more like the mincemeat filling than the actual pies. But I still love them!

Christmas Fireside - From the website "A spectacular seasonal scent. Picture the scene. A roaring open fire and a freshly cut pine Christmas tree. Add a touch of spice and hey presto. If it’s a seasonal mood you are trying to create, you can’t go far wrong with this one." This one to me has a hint of menthol with a wood fire smell to it (which is quite strong). This is a strange one, I really like it because I like both of those scents but Dave really isn't sure so this may be one that we argue over. 

I decided to burn some of the Strudel ones first and they smell lovely. They also have quite a good throw and I'm really impressed so far! 

This little pots of hot shots are £1.09 (5 beans but 25% stronger than the others) and the Magik Beanz are £1.89 a pot (roughly 15 beans). I think that next time I'll go for the Magik Beanz pots as I think you get more for your money on those, but the hot shots are a great way to try new scents.

You can buy all of these from the Busy Bee website here!

1 September 2015

August 2015 Favourites!

It's that time of the month again where I let you know what products I've been loving. We haven't had a lot of nice weather this month where I live - it's been rainy and quite cool for most of the month. This means that I'm now well and truly ready for autumn and winter!

First up is the No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream. I accidentally left a face mask on for too long and ended up with scaly dry patches all over my face. I'd never had my skin react this way before and didn't have anything to get rid of it. So I went to boots and picked this up (I had vouchers) and started using it. It's a little heavy for me to use on my skin every day (I get quite oily) but it's perfect as a night cream. Three days of using this and my skin went back to normal! I now use this a few times a week and my skin hasn't been dry since.

I've been really lazy this month with my eye makeup and I haven't been reaching for my normal shadow palettes. Instead I've been reaching for my cream/gel shadows and the one I went for most was the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe. It's a gorgeous grey/brown colour and it applies amazingly with the Zoeva 229 Eye Finish brush. 

Anyone who knows me will know that I love my eyeliner. Recently I grabbed the Maybelline Gel liner in a destash sale and I absolutely love it! It's the first gel liner that I've used that is this soft and the softness makes the application incredibly easy! Especially when using the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush. It's so easy to do just a quick sweep of liner or a whole wing if I feel like it and I loved it that much that I also bought this in purple.  

I've also been loving the MUA Whipped Velvet blush in Spry. This is the first cream blush that I've used that actually works on my skin. I've worn it almost every day since I bought it and I'm going to go and get another one of these to try.

I've also been loving the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry. This is a gorgeous deep pink shade with brown in it and it's a perfect every day shade. It's also deep enough for a night out and it lasts for hours!

I've been testing out gel polish quite a lot this month and I've been trying to make sure that I'm taking extra special care of my nails to make sure that they stay healthy. As soon as I've finished a manicure, I've been applying a generous layer of nail butter. I love this stuff and I've finally hit the bottom of the tub. While there's still a lot left, I'm going to pick up another tub of this ready for when this one runs out.

I've also been using my Dollish Polish cuticle balms every couple of hours. My personal favourite is High Functioning Sociopath but the scent is a little strong for when I'm at work. While at work I've been using Twisty The Clown as this smells similar to cocoa butter to me and it stops the men on either side of me complaining about the smell.

What have you all been loving this month?

10 August 2015

My first trip to The Range

So, in my area, all of the Homebase stores have now become The Range. When we pulled up to my local one (we were going to the Morrison's next door) and my friend found out that I'd never been into The Range before, I got dragged straight in! I have since decided that I absolutely love this shop and I'm going to go to another one nearby that I think is bigger at the weekend to have a nosey round.

For those of you who haven't been into The Range before, it's a wonderful shop that's full of everything. It's mainly homeware (or at least it is in my one) and it also has lots of stationary and food too. Which means that I was able to pick up some of my favourite things without having to go into three separate shops. 

The first thing that I have to show you is this incredibly cute cup. It's a good size and has quite thick sides too so your brew will stay warm for longer. It has a sheep, cow, pig and duck going round with the noises they make around the top. I may have forgotten to take a picture of it before I'd made a brew, so you can have a picture of my cup of tea :). This cup was a steal at only £2.50!

Next up is this cute little tray. This is only mini (called a trinket tray in store) and they had lots of different designs and also big trays to match. I've been using this to put my hair clips, bobbles and earrings in to stop them floating around on my desk. This again was a steal and was only £1. 

I'd been looking for a notebook for a while that I could use to jot down my blog ideas and this one seemed perfect to me. It's hard backed and has a record player print on it which I absolutely love! This again was only £1.

Here are the last things that I took pictures of. The pink blu tack is actually the first thing that I grabbed when I walked in (along with the phrase "oooh stationary") and I picked this up because I'm fed up of lipsticks rolling away when I'm trying to take pictures of them. Fellow bloggers can relate to this, so I'm going to use this in my photos. I also grabbed some fineliner pens to use to jot down my blog ideas and of course they're brightly coloured. Both of these were £1 each.

I also grabbed a box of Mint Poppets (£1) and some fragranced bin liners (79p!) and all of this only set me back a whole £8.28! I was quite shocked at the til because I thought I'd spent a lot more than that.

I can't wait to go back this weekend and see what else I can find. Have any of you been in The Range? Is there anything I should look out for?

7 August 2015

The Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles

Summer for me is pretty much over, it's going rather cool and I'm settling into my Autumn clothing/makeup and my candle obsession is making it's way to the surface again. There's something about autumn/winter that makes me absolutely love candles (especially all of the cinnamon Christmassy ones).

I came across the Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles and signed myself up to it one day to cheer myself up. For £10 a month (this includes postage) you get 8 full sized tarts and you even get a free burner with your first box too! You get a mix of current scents, scents to be launched and also a few that are exclusive to the box and each box is a surprise! You won't know which scents have been picked until the box drops through your door. You also get a little card with details of the scents and a 20% discount code for an order placed in that month.

BONUS - after the first box (which is bigger due to the burner) the box will fit through your letter box so there shouldn't be any little red cards from Royal Mail. It's also guaranteed that you shouldn't receive the same scents for at least 3 months.

Here are all the melts, don't they look gorgeous! And the burner is really pretty too. The scents that were included in the August box are:

Strawberries & Champagne
Fresh Cotton (MC Exclusive)
Ginger & Lime
CIRCUS - Doughnuts (MC Preview)
Green Apples
Kir Royale
Pomegranate Cider
Dahlia (MC Exclusive)

My favourites so far are Ginger & Lime (Lime is usually a winner for me) and I also really like the Fresh Cotton one. The CIRCUS fragrance is irritating me because I know the scent and I can't quite put my finger on it. So if any of you have this box and can tell me what it smells of, then please leave it in the comments below :).

As you can see, I got a little excited and opened the Ginger & Lime one before I took the photos... oops! 

I personally like to swap and change my scents to I break each tart into quarters and burn it a piece at a time. 

The next box will be on 1st September but you can go subscribe now and you'll automatically be included next month. I'm staying subscribed to this box and I can't wait to see what I get next time! All the details can be found here.

2 August 2015

July 2015 Favourites

I know that every blogger starts these posts with "Wow, I can't believe x month has gone so fast" but I really can't! It feels like summer is over where I live and I've spent the last few days in jumpers craving my autumn lipsticks instead of summer brights. 

I only have a few favourites this month because I've only changed a few things from my Summer Make Up post. So let's take a look at the things I've been loving over the last few weeks!

First up is a different one for on here - my newest pair of Vans! This is a strange one because I used to absolutely hate anything that was leopard print, but it's growing on me as an accent piece like shoes. Most of my tops are plain so these shoes go perfectly with everything and they're super comfy!

Next up are two new brushes. The Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek and 317 Wing Liner brushes. I picked these up in destash sales (there'll be another post at some point this week) and they're amazing! The cheek brush is the perfect size for my face (most are too big) and the liner brush makes winged liner super easy!

I also have a candle favourite this month. I love burning candles, especially when I'm painting my nails because it masks the smell of the polish. I've finally finished my Blueberry & Vanilla candle from Pintail Candles. I kind of lost this one, but rediscovered it as I was moving things over to my boyfriends house and now I've finished it. This is possibly my favourite candle that I've ever owned. The scent is beautiful and it's really strong too so you can smell it as soon as you walk in the room. I'm going to be re-purchasing this one next time I place an order (the Mince Pie one is also lovely).

Finally, here are my two new makeup favourites. We have NYX blush in Angel and Rimmel Kate Nude in 45. This blush is a gorgeous peach blush that also has shimmer so you don't need to apply highlight (perfect for lazy mornings before work) This lipstick however, is a surprise favourite for me. Anyone who knows me, will know that I love bright lipsticks and usually stay away from nudes. But a friend has turned that around for me and now I absolutely love brown toned nudes. I think this is one of the darker shades in the new Rimmel collection, but it wears really well and is a perfect my lips but better shade. It's that good that I've worn it almost every day since I bought it about 3 weeks ago and I don't think I've done that with any other lip shade that I've bought so far!

What have you all been loving?

15 July 2015

Freedom London Nail Polish Review

A few weeks ago, I put in an order at Freedom Makeup to try the products out. I have other reviews up, but here is what I think of their polishes. I only picked up two so that I could test them before buying more.

I picked up two shades from the Brights collection which are 410 and 415. I was a little disappointed that these only have numbers and not proper names, but they're still very pretty. The bottles are squary which makes them very hard to knock over (good for me as I'm very clumsy) and they also fit together perfectly in my helmer. 

410 - This is a gorgeous, sky blue shade that I fell in love with straight away. It's very opaque and is almost a one coater! This swatch shows 2 coats. 

415 - This is perfect for summer! A gorgeous green shimmery shade that reminds me of mermaids. This one is a little more sheer than the other shade and this is 2 coats. If I were to wear this out, I'd prefer to have 3 to make it more opaque.

I did a wear test with the blue shade and it lasted for 3 days before I got a chip! I think that that's amazing, especially since these are only £1 a bottle!

Have any of you tried this brand?