31 March 2015

March Favourites!

I can't believe that March is over already! This year is going by so quickly!

I only have a few favourites this month and here they are!

Save the Nail Bridge the Ridge base coat - After falling out with my previous base coat, I was in the market for a new one and went for this recommendation. This not only smooths my now damaged nails out, but it's already improved their condition and I've only been using it for about 2 weeks. A full review of this should be up soon!

Barry M Matte top coat - I've been loving matte nails recently and almost every manicure that I've done has had this top coat added to it! This looks especially lovely when paired with a pastel shade.

Nails Inc Fashion - This came free in my Marie Claire which was an absolute bargain as these normally retail at £11 a bottle! I'm not normally a fan of grey polish but I've been loving this one... In fact, I'm wearing it right on (on both fingers and toes). It has just a hint of purple and it's very pretty and spring appropriate. 

Essie Stones n Roses - I've been looking for the perfect coral shade for quite a while and this just might be it! This is my first full size Essie (I also have two minis) and I think that I picked very wisely! It's a gorgeous pink/coral shade and I've been wearing this a lot over the last few weeks.

Kandy Colors cuticle oil - These are a fairly new addition to my ever growing cuticle oil collection and I'm very impressed with them! These come in 3ml bottles with a dropper. I picked up Spiced Apple (a personal favourite) and vanilla. There will also be a full review on these soon once I've finished testing them but I'm very impressed with them so far!

What have you all been loving? I'd love to add things to my wishlists!

15 March 2015

Glam Nails Challenge : Blobbicure

For today's challenge, I had to Google the technique as I haven't tried this one before but it looks fun! I'd also been out and picked up my first full sized bottle of Essie polish so I just had to use it in the design.

Silver glitter - Danglefoot Polish - Cosmic Girl
Base colour - Barry M - Lychee
Blobs - Essie - Stones n' Roses

I started off by doing two coats of Cosmic Girl on my thumbs and ring fingers and then one coat of Lychee on the rest of my nails.

Then, doing this one nail at a time, I applied a thick coat of Lychee and the added drops of Stones n' Roses on top while it was still wet. As the base coat was still wet, the drops spread out into this almost Giraffe print which looks really cool!

For the glitter nails, I tried adding a coat of top coat and used the same technique but this didn't work as well. Possible because I'd grabbed the wrong topcoat and was using a quick dry one.

This is the final result!

I think that next time I'll try using a normal top coat on the glitter nails to see if that works better. But I love how this turned out and I'm very pleased with it since this was a first attempt. 

11 March 2015

Glam Nails Challenge : Mushrooms

Today's theme is mushroom and, to be honest, I didn't have a clue what to do for this theme. I ended up sat googling and trying to find some form of mushroom themed nail art when my boyfriend suggested that I try the Mario mushrooms! I hadn't even thought of that and a quick search on google showed me that in Mario, there are lots of different coloured mushrooms.

So, with my phone in hand, I went over to my helmer and picked out a few different colours and this is how they turned out! They were originally shiny, but I have a slight obsession with my matte top coat at the minute so they became matte. I personally prefer them this way, I think that it makes them look like the plastic toys. 

Colours used:
OPI - Can't find my Czechbook
Barry M - Spring Green
Nails Inc - West End
Models Own - Pukka Purple
Barry M - Blue Grape
Barry M - Lychee

I used one of the cheap nail art pens that I got in a set to try and do the eyes (because I was lazy and didn't want to get back up to find a black polish and a thin brush) but this smudged when I added top coat and it was so hard to use! It was one with a nib and you have to squeeze for the ink/polish to come out and it kept coming out in big drops no matter how gently I squeezed. I think I'm going to be picking up another Barry M nail art pen for future use because they're so much easier to use!

What do you guys think of my little mushrooms? I think they're quite cute!

Thanks for reading!

8 March 2015

Glam Nails Challenge : Pastels

The theme for today is pastels. I had trouble thinking up a design that was pastel and finally settled on this strange gradient using all polishes from Barry M.

I started off with a base of Cotton and then used a make up sponge to dab on Blueberry, Dragonfruit, Fondant and Sugar Apple. I managed to get this look by putting almost polka dots of the different colours on my sponge in a random pattern, then I just dabbed the sponge onto my nails. 

Once the gradient was dry I added a layer of Barry M Diamond glitter and topped it all off with their matte toppe coat.

I love gradients and matte nails at the minute and I really like how these nails turned out. They kind of remind me of candy floss!

Thanks for reading!

5 March 2015

Glam Nails Challenge : Sunset

Ok, so we're only on the second challenge and I've messed up already. I thought the posts were every Sunday and Thursday, but they're actually Sunday and Wednesday so I'm a day late with this one. Whoops!

The theme yesterday was sunset which is something that I hadn't done before. I've done lots of gradients, but never a sunset one. 

I started off with a base of Barry M Cotton and then created a gradient (purple, red, orange, yellow) with Sugar Plum Fairy (BellaLuna Cosmetics), West End (Nails Inc), Mango (Barry M) and Lexington Yellow (NYC).

Once this was dry, I added a little palm tree on my ring finger using acryllic paint and topped everything off with Barry M Matte Top Coat.

I love how this looks and will be trying this again in the future. It's so bright and pretty and makes me wish it was summer.

Thanks for reading!

4 March 2015

The Vintage Cosmetics Co - Manicure Kit

I was very lucky to be sent one of the Manicure Purses from The Vintage Cosmetics Co which can be found here. This was such a lovely item to have drop through the letterbox when I wasn't feeling very well at all, it really cheered me up.

*Disclaimer - even though I was sent this item, all opinions are my own.

Being someone who likes to do their nails, I always carry nail files in my bag, but they always end up getting ruined. I also try to carry other nail items but I don't feel safe carry nail cutters or scissors loose in my bag and I'd never found a kit that I liked before.

This set feels very sturdy and I think it will last very well in my bag (I'm going to have to downsize soon because I end up with all sorts in there) though the outside is slightly cushioned so the set isn't too heavy or hard. This set is pink and white striped but there are a few variations on their website and the items inside have an adorable vintage floral print on them.

The items inside feel very good quality and are made from metal with the floral over the top. Each set contains a nail file, cuticle pusher, nail cutters and nail scissors.

I think that this is the best quality nail set that I've ever used. The tools feel very sturdy and like they wouldn't break very easily and let's face it, the print is adorable. I've used all of these tools on manicures on both my tootsies and fingers and they're very good. The cuticle pusher is actually the best one I've ever used and is the only one that actually removes my slightly overgrown cuticles. 

This has now taken up permenant residance in my handbag and it's going to stay there because I love it. All of the items on The Vintage Cosmetics co website are very cute and would make perfect presents! A few of them have been added to my wishlist to buy at a later date.

The Vintage Cosmetic Co can be found here.

2 March 2015

February Favourites!

I've seen lots of beauty bloggers putting up their monthly favourites but I've never seen this is the nail community before. Some will mention a single polish that is their favourite, but I'm always looking for cuticle oils etc and I always want more than just a one off review. I always want products that I see a lot and that people actually use. So I thought that I would start doing monthly favourites but just with my nail items. This may not be every month, but whenever I have a few products that I've been loving and reaching for over and over again, then I'll pop a quick favourites post up.

So here are the items that I've been loving in February! I think the picture is a little blurry (sorry) but I really didn't feel well when i was taking the pictre and this was the best one.... but you get the idea!

Glam Polish Magic Shine Topcoat - This top coat is a new one for me but it makes holo and glitter polishes look amazing! You'll have super sparkly nails with this one!

Glam Polish New Girl In Town - This is from their new Hairspray collection and it's a gorgeous holo coral that's perfect for spring. I've been wearing this a lot (especially on my tootsies).

Barry M Sky Blue - This is from their new Gelly collection and it's the perfect blue for spring.

Danglefoot Cosmic Girl - This is the best silver glitter I've ever used! It's holo and shiny and beautiful and I may have been banned from wearing it while driving...

Dollish Polish Cuticle Balm - My hands have been really dry this month and this has been a life saver! It's very hydrating but isn't greasy so this is perfect to use at my desk while I'm working. My favourite scents are High Functioning Sociopath (Sherlock theme) which smells like tea and lemon and Pieee which smells like bakewell tarts.

Model City Cuticle Oil - This is amazing to use before bed as it's a little too greasy for me to use at my desk (I don't think work would be very happy if i got oil all over the keyboard) but it works wonders. My favourites are Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Apple Cinnamon. I like foodie scents... can you tell?

What have you been loving this month?

1 March 2015

Glam Nails Challenge: Roses

A few weeks ago, the lovely ladies from nbnailart, obsessedwithnails and naturenail on Instagram invited me to take part in the Glam Nails Challenge for March. I usually don't do challenges like this because they usually have a different challenge for each day and I can't re-do my nails (at least not with a design) since I also have a full time job. BUT, this challenge isn't one that you do each day, it's every Sunday and Thursday. I had a look over the themes and decided that I would join in because it looks fun and it will help to get me back in to nail art because I've been rather uninspired lately.

And here is my roses look for the first challenge. I got so frustrated doing these nails - everytime I try nail art lately, something goes wrong and it ends up all coming off and I just redo them in a plain colour. But, since this was a challeneg, when I messed up my ring finger, I couldn't just take it all off and do something plain. So I carefully removed just that nail and went to calm down (I get rather annoyed when I mess up) and tried again. And then after I took two shots, I caught my nail on my light and ruined it again! BUT, I managed to fix it so it's all ok!

I used:
Glam Polish - New Girl In Town for my thumb and pointer fingers.
Barry M - Coconut as the middle two fingers base
China Glaze - Liquid leather for the stripes
A-England - Her Rose Adagio for my little finger (gorgeous nude holo)
The roses are done using acrylic paint. 

If anyone wants to join in then feel free! Just remember to tag your manis using #glamnailschallenge.

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