30 April 2015

April 2015 Nail Favourites!

I don't have many nail favourites this month. A back/shoulder injury meant that I couldn't sit and spend hours on my nails like I normally would. So I opted for mainly plain colours instead and trying colours from my untrieds box.

These however, are the few things that I have been loving this month.

Color Club Eternal Beauty - My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and now that the sun has come out, it's time to break this beauty out properly! This was my go to colour whenever I only had a few minutes to do my nails. It's a one coater and it's also incredibly holographic and shiny.

Nail Butter - My nails are still not in the best condition after they fell out with the last base coat that I was using, so I've broken my nail butter out again. This is incredibly moisturising (and also smells a little like mustard) so due to the heavy texture, I put this on before bed around my cuticles. This means that when I wake up, I have incredibly soft hands!

Finger Lickin Lacquer Cuticle Oil in Key Lime Pie - I love my cuticle oils and they end up all over the house as well as in my hand bag. My current favourite is this one which smells exactly like Key Lime Pie! The oil isn't too thick and absorbs easily so I can even use this one when I'm at work.

Essie Naughty Nautical - This was a free with purchase polish so I'm not sure if you can buy this in full size, but I love it so much! It's a teal/turquoise shade that has a subtle shimmer through it which looks gorgeous in the sunlight.

Barry M Peach Melba - The sun is out and I'm breaking out my pastels and brights! This is a lovely pastel but still neon orange shade that looks gorgeous on your toes! I've had this on a couple of times this month and it just makes me feels summery.

What have you all been loving this month?

29 April 2015

Brushegg Review

I hate cleaning my make up brushes, as I'm sure many of you do. I started seeing brusheggs cropping up in a few Youtube videos, so I went on the hunt and managed to find one! I got mine on Ebay here but I think you can get them from other places too.

What is a brushegg you ask? It's basically a mini, silicone mitt that fits over just two of your fingers. I think this would be easier to use than a full mitt as you can still use your other fingers. 

And here it is! Of course I had to have the purple one because I love purple, but they have other colour options too.

To use this cute little mitt, you simply wet your brush and apply your brush cleaner of choice. You then rub the brush over the egg and the ridges help to knock any product off your brushes. I also keep running the egg and brushes under the tap as I'm cleaning. The bigger ridges are designed for face brushes and the little round ones on the end are best for eye brushes. You can also use this to knock excess product off your eye brushes as you're using them. 

I personally love this little egg and I think that I'll be picking up a couple of other colours. For £3.45, it's an absolute bargain! I used this to actually clean all of my brushes today to test how long it would take (normally I only wash a couple at a time because it takes so long). Using this, it took around 20 minutes to clean my 24 brushes which is less than a minute a brush!

Have any of you used one of these before? Or are you thinking of picking one up?

27 April 2015

Watermarble Triangles

Since the sun has decided to make an appearance again, I really fancied doing some nail art. I've always loved water marbling and it was the first nail art that I ever tried. This time I wanted to try something different with my water marble, partly because I hate cleaning it up afterwards. 

I spotted this video on Sveta_Sanders Instagram feed a few days ago and I really wanted to give this a go! 

I started off with a base of Barry M Cotton (white) on all of my nails except for my ring finger which has Barry M Guava on as an accent nail. All of the colours that I've used are by Barry M because I've found that marbling works best when you use polishes all from the same brand.

While my base colours were drying, I put some room temperature water into a few candle holders. I only used these as I didn't have anything bigger to hand and marbling works really well in these. It's very important that you leave your water to sit for a while in the room so that it becomes room temperature. If the water is too hot or too cold then the polish will dry too quickly and won't spread. 

I then added drops of Mango (orange), Fondant (lilac), Guava (teal) and Peach for the Stars (coral) to the surface, alternating the colours until I the polish stopped spreading. You should then be left with what looks like a really bright bullseye. I used the pointy end of a cuticle/ornage stick to manipulate the polish into the pattern that I wanted. Make sure that you press really lightly or your colours will mix.

I was then left with very pretty water. Instead of dipping my fingers straight in, I left the polish like this for about 20-25 minutes so that it dried completely. You can then very carefully remove these and use them as decals.

Once I'd dried the bottom of the decals, I cut them into triangle shapes. I then placed them where I wanted on my nails (they should still be a little tacky) and then I sealed them in by using top coat over the top.

And this is the final result!

I love these! They're so bright and summery but also really different and they've really put me in the mood for summer.

What do you all think of these?

26 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Pro Go Mini Brush Set Review

A bit of a different post for you today. Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen that I put pictures of my makeup buys up to see if anyone has tried them and what they thought. I've started to get a few requests to do reviews on the items that I bought so I thought that I would give it a go and try to branch out from just nail art. Especially since I have no inspiration for nail art at the minute so I haven't been posting very much.

My first post is on a Makeup Revolution item and they are quickly becoming my favourite makeup brand! They sell incredible quality products for really affordable prices.

When I placed my most recent order last week, the Pro Go Mini Brush set had just launched and I had to have it! I didn't realise quite how tiny the brushes are though, they're only around 3 inches in length which is tiny. They come in a little pouch that you can keep them in if you carry them in your handbag or take them on holiday with you.

From the website:

Our Pro Brushes go mini! Made with the finest synthetic hair, these mini brushes are just what you need to keep your makeup flawless on the go. 

Mini foundation brush for use with liquid concealer
Mini Face brush to apply powder and touchups throughout the day
Mini Eyeshadow brush to touchup or reapply your eyeshadow 
Mini Angled brush for your eyeliner or brows! 

All of these brushes are very soft and feel great quality for the price. They have synthetic hair, with black handles and rose gold writing and ferrules (metal parts). 

Mini Face brush - I personally use this for my foundation. The soft bristles spread foundation really easily but the coverage is a little sheer compared to when I use my Real Techniques brushes to apply foundation. But this is probably due to the fact that the Mini Face Brush isn't as dense as my usual brush.

This brush can also be used for powder (which I don't use so I can't test) and also I also really like this brush for highlighter. It's a little small for me to use for blush as I really like the big fluffy brushes.

Mini Foundation brush - Personally, I think that this brush is far too small to use for foundation. But, this is the perfect size for me to use for my under eye concealer! The soft yet somehow still firm bristles blend my concealer out perfectly.

Mini Eyeshadow - This brush is the perfect size for my eyelids. I have small lids with hooded eyes so a lot of the usual eye brushes are too large for me to use neatly. This brush applies product beautifully. I have so far only used this with Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, but I'm assuming that they have been designed specifically for their shadows. The bristles pick up a good amount of product and applies smoothly with no fallout.

Mini Angled - This brush is a little too thick to use with eyeliner (especially on my small lids) but it's the perfect size to use for lower last line. Again, this picks up the perfect amount of product and applies beautifully. 

This brush set can be picked up here for £4.95.

19 April 2015

Barry M Sunset Nails Review

The new Sunset Nails collection from Barry M has intrigued me ever since I spotted their Instagram post showing the rose gold lids. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and these bottle look incredibly pretty.

These polishes cure naturally using UV light giving you long lasting gel finish nails for up to 10 days with no UV lamp.

I must say that this collection doesn't seem to have many season appropriate colours. I know that it's called the Sunset collection, but most of the colours seem quite dark for a spring/summer release. While stood in front of the display I had a debate with my sister over which seemed the best colours to buy. The Way You Make Me Teal looked a lot like the Gelly polish in Guava which I already own, so I gave that one a miss. I'm also not a pink person which knocked out the two pink shades and the blue looked very dark (I'm a bright colour girl). Which left the two that I went with which are Peach for the Stars and Out of my Red.

Peach for the Stars - This is a really pretty, bright coral shade. I can't tell if it's more pink or orange but it's certainly the perfect summer shade. It was very hard to capture this one because it freaked my camera out but these photos are fairly close. This is two coats with the special top coat, looking at the photos I should have maybe done three coats. 

The first picture is in full sun and the second is in the shade. I think that it looks more pink in the sun and orange in the shade (where you can also see streaks). This is going to get so much use this summer, especially on my toes!

Out of my Red - Again, this is a gorgeous summer shade. It's a gorgeous cherry red that I think also has orange undertones because it looks so lovely on me which usually doesn't happen with reds. The pictures show two coats but if you're in a rush you can get away with one coat of this beauty.

The first picture is in full sun and the second is in the shade. 

Both of these swatches are done with the special top coat on top. The label says that this top is only for use with the Sunset shades, but I'll definitely be experimenting with my other polishes. Within a couple of minutes of applying the top coat, my nails were rock solid and ready to go which I loved!

Barry M claim that these polishes can last up to 10 days chip free which is a pretty impressive claim. To test this, I've applied two coats of Out of my Red to both my finger nails and toe nails with the top coat. I normally only last 2-3 days without chips since I spend all day typing at work so I'm going to leave this on and see how long it takes to chip. I'm going to take pictures each day and put them up on my Instagram/Twitter so you can all see how well they last. I'll also update this post with how long they last on me. I've also applied these as per the instructions and I haven't applied a base coat so we'll also see if this stains my nails!

UPDATE - Earlier today I updated my Instagram with this photo. This was taken after roughly 48 hours after I'd applied the polish. As you can see, my left hand is almost immaculate but my right hand isn't. There were large chips on my ring finger and thumb along with chips elsewhere.

On me, these polishes certainly wouldn't last for up to 10 days. But then again, I'm quite rough on my hands. I have a desk job where I type all day, I'd washed the dishes, done washing (including having a fight with the dryer), showered, cooked and put fuel in the car. 

Maybe if you're someone who is gentler on their hands, you can get this polish to last longer. But on me, this lasts as long as any normal polish would last. They're very pretty colours, but not worth the extra money to me as they only last the same amount of time on my nails as a normal Barry M polish.

On the plus side, this shade didn't stain my nails at all even though I wasn't wearing a base coat! 

Which ones are your favorites?

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