15 February 2016

Trying sheet masks for the first time

I've always loved a good face mask and I always love trying out new ones - but I'd never tried any of the sheet masks. I took to Ebay and picked out a few from some Korean brands to try out. I have oily skin so I will usually go for a clay mask but as my skin has been feeling really dry lately, I've been trying these out to help get some moisture into my skin.

Products purchased:
InnisFree - It's tea tree and It's real avocado
Etude House - Green tea and Hyaluronic Acid
Tony Moly - I'm real pomegranate
My Beauty Diary - Apple Polyphenol mask

tony moly sheet mask

These masks are basically a folded sheet of material that is folded and soaked in what is essentially a serum. You leave them on your face for up to 30 mins or longer if you prefer which makes them a perfect bath time treat! Once you peel the mask off, you can either wash the residue off or rub it into your face like a moisturiser. 

After trying most of these out, my favourite is most definitely the Tony Moly mask. It fit my face fairy well, made my skin feel really plump and hydrated and you could see the difference on my skin after using it.

With most of the others, they didn't fit my face (they were too short and the eye holes are far too small) and I couldn't really tell that I'd used a mask afterwards (apart from the residue they leave). 

The Hyaluronic acid mask has actually really messed my skin up. I only left it on for about 10 minutes because my face started to feel funny and I washed all the serum off too. It's made my forehead and nose which are the oiliest parts of my face go dry and flaky so I won't be buying that one again.

I'll definitely be buying some more of the Tony Moly masks at some point but I may also try out some other brands first.

(On a side note, can anyone recommend a good moisturiser?)

8 February 2016

Sigil Cosmetica review and haul!

Whilst looking through Etsy for new makeup brands to try, I stumbled (or was pushed by a friend) upon a brand called Sigil Cosmetica. This brand is based in New Zealand and after looking through her items, I knew I had to order. Shipping from the US has jumped up quite a lot recently which has put me off ordering from lots of brands, but shipping to the UK from New Zealand worked out at only £1.81! That (and the fact that they had a Labyrinth collection) tipped it for me and I had to put and order in!

I ordered 12 eyeshadow samples and a blush sample and including the shipping cost, this only came to £11.90! I was really impressed with the prices. 

I ordered on Jan 21st, my order shipped on Jan 23rd and it arrived here in the UK 1st Feb.

On to the haul/swatches!

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

Underground, Magic Dance, Hallucination, Sir Knight from the Labyrinth collection.

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

Dream Peach, Not Fair, Barn Owl, Oubliette also from the Labyrinth collection. 

sigil cosmetica

Orion, Changling, Dwarf, Omega, Maneater (blush)

sigil cosmetica labyrinth collection

L to R Magic Dance, Oubliette, Dream Peach, Barn Owl, Underground, Not Fair, Hallucination, Sir Knight. My favourites here are Magic Dance, Dream Peach and Not Fair.

sigil cosmetica

L to R Orion, Omega, Dwarf, Changling, Maneater (blush). My favourite here is most definitely Dwarf.

All the shadows are very pigmented and smooth, I would compare them to Shiro or Hello Waffle for quality. I was very impressed with my initial swatches and I was even more impressed when I used them (over Eccentric Cosmetics eye primer). They're all beautiful and last really well throughout the day. I will definitely be ordering some more in the future.
The blush was really pigmented on me, I looked like I'd been out running (like that would ever happen) but I really like the colour! I'll be trying other blushes too.

Sigil Cosmetica can be found here!

1 February 2016

Common Brimstone Review

If you'd read my last de-stash post (here!), then you'll have spotted that I picked up a couple of Indie perfumes. I've never really been a perfume fan, I wear it but I only ever had one bottle at once and they never lasted very long on my skin.

A friend sent me a couple of samples that didn't work for her and I was hooked! I now have a steadily growing collection which is mainly built up of samples.

I picked up three Common Brimstone samples for 50p each to try. They're a UK based company so if they worked, I was planning on putting a bigger order in. I didn't actually look up the notes of these before I bought them - I have a habit of only buying perfumes if they have nutmeg or cinnamon in them (yes I like to smell like Christmas) so I thought I'd grab a few without looking first. In my head, they were only 50p each so it didn't matter too much if I didn't like them - I could just pass them on to a friend.

I checked with the owner and all of her perfumes are made with fractioned coconut oil and the only scent that has almond oil in it is Snow White. Anything else with any nut in the notes only has the fragrance in the perfume which is amazing for me and my nut allergy.

Now to the review!

common brimstone

All samples are 2ml and they come in these adorable mini bottles - they also have a little cap thing on the top with a hole in the middle that makes it so much easier to put these on! I'm usually terrified of spilling the bottles or sending the vials flying! You can either buy these samples individually (£2.50), in a set of three (£5), a set of five (£6.50) or a set of ten (£11). You can also get collection sample sets.

common brimstone

Secret Garden - Push aside the tangles of overgrown vines and thorny bushes, and uncover a private haven. Loaded down with fresh tomato leaf, sweet honeysuckle, and an explosion of cherries, peaches, and bergamot, Secret Garden is a world of wonders. It's finished off with vanilla and oakmoss, and has just a touch of elegant white wine in the mix. This one is fresh, indulgent, and enchanting. 

After reading the description, I wasn't sure if I would like this or not. On cold sniff I get lots of the tomato leaf which I'm not a massive fan of but then it settles down to a beautiful, fruit and honeysuckle scent. I absolutely love this, which is strange because I wouldn't usually go for a floral perfume. 

MGP - I can't actually find the notes for this one - it must have either been limited edition or a gift with purchase or something.

I get lots of something that smells like tomato leaf on cold sniff and it settles down to what smells really similar to sweet pea flowers. Again, I wouldn't have picked this but I absolutely love it!

Strawberry Moon - June is the height of strawberry season, so what else could June's full moon possibly be named after? I've mashed up sweet strawberry jam with tart rhubarb and a dollop of juicy raspberry leaf absolute. A touch of marzipan tempers all that fruit, and it's rounded off with cool green tomato leaf. This is a light, summery gourmand, perfect for picnics - or any other occasion!

This one is more what i would go for because it has fruit in it. In the bottle it smells just like stawberry jam. When i put it on, this fades away and I'm left with marzipan and what smells like cherry (even though it's not on the list). The scent really reminds me of bakewell tarts.

I've seen that a lot of people have issues with Common Brimstone and the perfumes not lasting very long on their skin. Personally, I get around 5 hours out of these ones before I need to re-apply. I personally find that that is a very good wear time for me. I also have no issue with having to re-apply as the bottles are tiny and fit in my bag.

I'll be doing a bigger order with CB soon!