24 April 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Swatches

You may or may not be aware that Barry M have released a new collection - the coconut Infusion collection. These can be found at both Superdrug and Boots for £4.99 each. Normally I wouldn't buy a whole collection but the colours were just so pretty that when Superdrug had an offer where you could buy all nine shades for just £25, I couldn't resist!

These polishes differ from the normal Barry M polishes as they contain both coconut milk and oil to both hydrate and nourish your nails. You can find more information here!

Barry M Coconut Infusion

The collection consist of 5 colourful shades and 4 neutral shades. The consistency of all of these was wonderful and most only needed one coat if you're careful. The smell is also different to normal polish. It definitely doesn't smell coconut-y like some people have said put then it doesn't smell like normal polish either.

After applying all of them, the formula is great! All of the shades are really pigmented and self level too so if you're application is a little streaky, it'll even itself out as it dries.

On to the swatches!

Laguna - This is a gorgeous powder blue shade. This isn't a normal pastel blue in my opinion and it's super pretty! This is two coats and no top coat.

Barry M Laguna

Aloha - This is a vibrant, bright pink which is perfect for summer. I don't normally go for pink shades but I love this! This is just one coat with no top coat.

Barry M Aloha

Skinny Dip - This is a beautiful cream/nude shade that would be perfect as a base for nail art or just a simple and quick manicure. This is just one coat with no top coat.

Barry M Skinny Dip

Surfboard - A pale lilac shade that leans more on the pink side than purple and it's perfect for spring! This leans a little cool on me but it's still a gorgeous shade that I'll get a lot of wear out of. This is two coats with no top coat.

Barry M Surfboard

Starfish - This is another one of the neutral shades and this one leans more brown. I can see this complimenting lots of tans and this would again be a perfect base for nail art. This is just one coat with no top coat.

Barry M  Starfish

Flamingo - A stunning bright orange/coral shade that will look amazing with any tan! This is two easy coats with no top coat.

Barry M Flamingo

Sunkissed - This one is another neutral shade but it's not a nude on my skin tone. On me this is a beautiful pale orange/brown colour that I actually really like! This is just one coat with no top coat.

Barry M Sunkissed

Bikini - This is a pastel green shade but it's not your usual pastel shade. It leans more sage green than mint green but it's a beautiful shade and something unique to my collection. This is just one coat with no top coat.

Barry M Bikini

Tiki Hut - This is the darkest of the natural shades and again, this isn't a nude on me. It's a caramel/chocolate shade and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. The swatch came out a bit blurry for some reason but you can still see the colour! This is two coats and no top coat.

Barry M Tiki Hut


  1. I love the swatches - even though you convinced me to spend £25 on this collection! I absolutely love them. I can't get over how different Sunkissed looks on me though


  2. Such gorgeous swatches and a lovely review :) xx