My wishlist

This is basically a list of things that I want to buy - partly for me to keep track of them but I thought you might be interested too.

Indie Perfumes

Arcana - Tart, Fille de Joie, Twirling the Pearl

Possets - Luncheon on the Grass

Haus of Gloi - First Blush, Lavender Sugar, Honey Belle

Smelli Yeti - Who's That Girl, Beauty Queen

Solstice Scents - Winter Dove, Rose Mallow Cream, Snowmint Mallow

Highstreet makeup

Makeup Revolution - Flawless Matte palette, Pink Fizz palette, Dual Arch and shape, Goddess of Love highlight, New-trals vs Neutrals palette

Freedom - Brow pomade in chocolate

Maybelline - Honey Beige lipstick

Revlon - Smoked Peach lipstick

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

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